Davis-Bacon Compliance Services

For Prime Contractors & Subcontractors

No-fuss compliance by a seasoned team of prevailing wage experts


XMG offers prevailing wage solutions designed to get your business compliant and keep it there.

XMG has been delivering superior and reliable Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage compliance services to our clients for over 10 years.  

Whether your job has federal or other local prevailing wage, we offer solutions built on extensive DOL training and hardened industry knowledge and experience.


Owners or Prime Contractors

Are you an Owner or Prime Contractor of a covered project that is responsible for monitoring the overall and on-going compliance and certified payroll reporting process of a prevailing wage project? There is more to the process than collecting paper.  We provide a turn-key solution to your prevailing wage woes.  

Subcontractors & Lower-tiers

Are you a Subcontractor providing labor or other hired labor on a Davis-Bacon or other prevailing wage job? Did you know your business is responsible for your certified payroll reporting as well as your lower-tier hires.