Compliance Support Services

General or Prime Contractors

The questions that we get asked most often…

Who will handle the reporting process?

Do we hire someone or assign it to an in-house employee?

Do we have the internal knowledge, time, and expertise to complete it accurately?

We offer a full turnkey solution with trained and experienced staff. 

Normally, the reporting medium is determined by the financial stakeholder, that being the agency with oversight responsibility. 

During our process, we will communicate directly with your subcontractors in order to collect, process and submit the agency requirements. 

We handle corrections, restitutions, conformance, and other requirements as they come up. 

We act as your compliance department on an “as-needed basis.” 

No need to bother with regulations, we have extensive training from DOL and years of experience to take care of all that for you.


For the subcontractor

“A prime contractor would like me to quote a prevailing job. What to do with the prevailing wage requirement? What is it, what I’m I expected to do or report, how do I go about it?”

At XMG, we act on your behalf no matter what the reporting medium is. 

If you are required to report via Elation Systems, LCP Tracker or another local electronic medium we can take care of it for you!

We interpret all documentation and assist with the weekly reporting process. 

We help you understand regulations and classifications and provide assistance for conformance requests. 

If you are a non-performing subcontractor, we can also aid with any lower-tier subcontractors you may contract to work on your behalf.

Additional Payroll Services

To complete our offerings, we have partnered with a large payroll provider to offer competitive full payroll services including direct deposits, live checks, tax deposits, and reporting capabilities. 

This feature along with our robust compliance offerings makes sure there are no gaps in the prevailing wage reporting process.